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This is a free tool for checking the WHOIS records of your domain names. The Whois Checker tool can help you find out who owns your site, how long they’ve owned it, and when they first registered. In case you're not aware of this already, you need to check your domain name to make sure that it's not already taken.

You can do this with a simple Whois Checker Tool like the one listed here. This is something that you can do to protect yourself if your domain name is being used by someone else (and you might not know it), or if you'd like to purchase another domain that isn't taken already. So, if you own an interesting domain that you haven't done anything with yet, but think it would be great to turn into a site that generates some revenue, you can simply check the Whois records to make sure that the name isn't already in use.

The Whois Checker Tool is the most popular way to check a domain name's WHOIS data. With our tool, you will be able to get instant information about your website's domain name, contact details, owner details, whois policy, etc.

What is a Whois Search?

Whois is the database of registered users for websites and their IP addresses. This can help identify where the website is hosted and who is behind it. A whois search can give you the website owner, the hosting company, and the web design agency that created the site. It is very common for someone to use a whois lookup to find the owner of a website. You can also check if there are any open or closed proxy servers that are used to conceal the identity of the website’s visitors.

Whois is a search engine that displays domain information about specific websites. You can find out who owns the website you’re trying to reach. The results are displayed in a simple table that includes basic information about the owner, including the name of the domain, the date of registration, the IP address, and the city and state of registration. Whois is a valuable tool when looking to learn more about a particular domain name.

Whois Searches and Their Purpose

According to Google, around two-thirds of people are interested in purchasing something from a website that has been registered. People who look up a domain name (also known as a “Whois” search) want to find out: Does it belong to the person who owns the company that offers the website? Do they have permission to use the website? Or is it just a domain name that could be used in the future? The Whois searches are a common place to find answers to all of these questions, and many people use them to see if a website is legitimate or a scam.

How to Use Whois Tool?

There is no secret to use this toll. Just enter the URL and click enter. All the details will show.

Why is a Whois Search Important?

This is one of the most important SEO techniques, and it’s called the Whois Search. Whois searches aren’t as common as they used to be because many websites are now available via web hosting services. In addition, a lot of website owners use the domain name registrar’s own website for their WHOIS search and end up only seeing their own website. But, if you want to see all the registered names associated with a specific domain name, you need to know the IP address that the website is hosted on, and then perform a WHOIS search.